The Big Reboot: A Healthier Connection to Technology

In an age when technology is perhaps the biggest driver of mindlessness and distraction, the time is NOW to be more mindful in the way we use technology - and to find more balance in our lives for the sake of our selves, our families, our communities, and our workplaces.

Science, common sense, and study after study confirm that cultivating conscious use of technology is integral to physical and emotional stability, increased focus and memory, better workplace productivity, enhanced creativity, lower stress levels, and to reconnecting to those dearest to us.

It's About Time-Tested Wisdom Applied to Modern Living

The Mindful Unplug is a homegrown Feathered Pipe initiative applying thousands of years of wisdom and experience into workshops, retreat programs, and on-line lessons offering practical techniques and tools to stay healthy and grounded in our technologically saturated lives. Its aim is to create a digitally healthy culture benefiting individuals, businesses, and communities.

Your donation to this campaign supports the development and launch of  mindfulness-based programs across the country and at our beautiful Montana Ranch - all to help reboot to a healthier relationship to technology.

Feathered Pipe is the Right Organization to Build a Digital Health Program 

Teachers across many disciplines, thought leaders, and folks who know our work and programs agree that the Feathered Pipe is the PERFECT organization to take this one on! After all, we've been successfully "rebooting" people for 40 years and counting at our retreat center in Montana. We know how to do this.   As an educational nonprofit devoted to service, for decades we've successfully created and nourished projects empowering those with the seed of an idea that has the potential to change lives.

  • From incubating the Tibetan Children's Education Foundation and the Veterans Yoga Project to financially supporting local and global humanitarian and sustainability initiatives, Feathered Pipe has helped people find their direction for four decades.

Ripple Out Support for The Mindful Unplug

You can  increase the velocity of this effort by setting up your own personal mini-fundraising page under the umbrella of The Mindful Unplug campaign? It takes just a few simple clicks and it's free and easy to set up.

  • Click on the "Make Your Own Mindful Unplug Fundraising Page" button on the right to get started. Then share your link with friends, family, and colleagues. Set a goal to raise at least $250 if you can!


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